About us

Who are we?

Boards of Bloom is a part of The Crested Giftware Company who are based out of Long Eaton near Nottingham.  The Crested Giftware Company has been going for well over twelve years and specialises in supplying relatively small orders of crested memorabilia to Yacht, Golf and Gentlemen’s Clubs, University Colleges, Livery Companies, Armed Forces Shops, Museums and Associations.


Our Aim


The aim of Boards of Bloom is to offer the opportunity of personalised giftware to individuals as well as small to medium enterprises along with our corporate clients. We have seen at first hand the pleasure that can be achieved with personalising a gift, not only for the person receiving it but also the satisfaction gained by the designer.


Personalised Gifts


Our extensive range of personalised boards are all on one website and using special designs.  The ‘Design before you buy’ system are sold online and delivered to your door.


Quality First


At Boards of Bloom we believe in quality first.  Our team ensure that any product produced on your behalf, will be dealt with meticulously and the attention to detail will be second to none!


Customer Service


We take great pride and care to ensure our customers receive a fantastic service.  Our contact details are easily found on the site, and we answer calls without bombarding you with a thousand options.  We understand the extra attention needed in supporting the creation of personalised gifts. You can expect your order to be delivered correctly and in compliance with your details.


Company Pride


We are justifiably proud of our staff, many of whom have been with us for years and all contribute to make us the great company we believe we are and always strive to be.